Fairmount Sports Association

Dedicated to Youth Athletics

2022 Important Dates to Remember (See complete list)

Reminder – This Saturday, April 30th, is our Annual Booster Day, from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m

This is a long-standing tradition, where the FSA kids (Teams) go door to door in the surrounding neighborhood soliciting donations, T-Ball optional. Games will be scheduled around this event. (Every Team is required to participate) 

Coaches please come in the building to pick up you Route, Booster Stickers, and Cups. Each team will be given a “route” with specific streets in the neighborhood. You will then go door to door on your assigned streets, knock on doors and ask if they would like to make a donation to Fairmount Sports Association and then give them a booster sticker to show that they donated. 

We had many people reach out to us last year, because they waited to give a donation and receive their yearly booster sticker, but no one came down their street. This is why it is important to complete you route, the neighbors look forward to seeing our kids every year!

If for any reason you team cannot participate, your team will be required to collect a minimum of $250. This is a mandatory fundraiser, which keeps cost low for the league. If your team does not complete a “route” or give in their minimum donation of $250, your team will not be permitted to sign up for any of the practice facilities until your team complies. 

The team from each league who raises the most money, will be awarded with a pizza party!! 

We look forward to seeing you all this Saturday, for this fun activity with your teams!

FSA Flag Football and Basketball

FSA provides programs for youth flag football in the late Fall and basketball in Winter at Lloyd Hall on Boathouse Row. Details about those programs become available closer to the start of the season.

Fairmount Sports Association is an all-volunteer organization so your help and participation is necessary to help make each season a success at an affordable price for families!

FSA plays its games on the three baseball diamonds located on the Ben Franklin Parkway. There is a field house located at 23rd and Pennsylvania Avenue, just steps from the Philadelphia Museum of Art with a beautiful backdrop of Center City skyscrapers.