Letter from Exec Board

July 15, 2020

Families and Friends at FSA,

On behalf of the Executive Board of Fairmount Sports Association, I want to thank you for your patience during these last 3-4 months. Now that we are in the green phase, FSA and other leagues are beginning to open up with summer sports. We originally had hoped to begin the weekend of July 11th, Unfortunately, due to the encampment that took residence on our fields, we had to push back our opening plans again.
We have been working closely with the Logan Square Neighborhood Association and City Officials to resolve this issue in a fair, equitable and expeditious manner. The City has been negotiating with the leaders of the camp for several weeks to try to arrive at a cooperative resolution in which the camp disbands voluntarily. Now they are schedule to be relocated by the City this Friday, July 17th. The City will conduct a complete clean-up of the fields as soon as the camp is gone so that the children can play ball. Once this happens and we are able to begin, we would like to conduct a summer league for all children who are interested.
Compounding our collective disappointment about cancelling or curtailing the spring tee-ball, baseball, and softball seasons is a harsh financial reality. We are a 100% volunteer based non-profit organization with no other sources of revenue beyond registration fees, sponsorships, income from kitchen sales, and donations. We have already incurred significant sunk costs for equipment, uniforms, fieldhouse and kitchen improvements, and even the first large purchase of food and drinks for the season that should have started in early April. Insurance alone is nearly $8,000. We are financially conservative and maintain a reasonable amount of reserve funding for unforeseen expenses. Unfortunately, this reserve falls far short should we face the prospect of issuing mass refunds to over 400 families. As such we respectfully offer the following options:
1. Registration fees can be considered a donation towards sustaining FSA, and all who elect this option will receive formal written acknowledgement.
2. Participate in our Summer League or Receive a credit towards future programs in the fall, winter, or next spring.
3. Receive a refund if a donation or credit results in financial hardship.
If you are going to participate in the summer league, please respond to your coaches and commissioners as information for the league is released.
If you don’t wish to participate in the summer league; Please contact our Treasure at fsatreasurer30@gmail.com to let him know if you want to donate your registration money, receive a credit towards a future program, or receive a refund.
Thank You,
John LaCorte
President, FSA